Ultra-Rare UV Sea Glass Ring

Ultra-Rare UV Sea Glass Ring

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This ring is made with 925 Eco Sterling Silver and Seaglass found on Seaham Beach, County Durham. Seaham use to be home to a Glassworks which closed in 1920. During the time the glassworks was open, they use to throw any scrap or waste glass into the Ocean. As a result, the beach is full of highly rare pieces of glass that are over 100 years old, including Multi-Coloured glass, Milk Glass and sometimes UV glass. Out of all my collection (which is quite a lot!) I have only found three pieces of UV glass, and this is the brightest piece. 


Eco Silver is made with 100% recycled sterling silver from the electronic, medical and gift industries. Not only are you wearing beautiful locally hand crafted jewellery, but you are helping the planet too! 


Size: UK Size M 

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